Ecurie Ecosse C-type continuations

Ecurie Ecosse is planning to produce seven continuation Jaguar C-types to be as close as possible to the seven used by the original team between 1951 and 1955 gaining 59 podiums.

The cars will be built as the originals in Coventry, but with some modern upgrades. These will include an increased and uprated 300bhp Jaguar 4.2 straight-six XK engine, together with a five-speed manual gearbox and disc brakes. The chassis and suspension will also receive some modernisation. The iconic Ecurie Ecosse blue and white livery will be replicated, and no doubt great care and attention will be given to the interior trim and equipment.

The first car is now complete for a lucky owner to view. They will not be cheap, but there is bound to be considerable interest from those with large wallets!