Government confirms plans to do away with the controversial EU ‘Vnuk’ law.

The Department for Transport has confirmed that it is taking the necessary steps to exempt the UK from the implications of the EU Motor Insurance Directive, which is great news for UK motorsport. This follows significant efforts by Motorsport UK, together with the UK government, over a number of years to defeat the threat of the Vnuk insurance issue.

This news will be a great relief for everyone in the UK motorsport community. Were this law to go ahead it would mean that any motorsport collision in the UK would be treated like any road traffic accident requiring insurance. The financial implications would be a disastrous threat to motorsport.  Tens of thousands of people work in this industry, generating significant sums towards the UK’s overall revenue.

Vnuk continues to apply in the EU, which will clearly affect those UK participants who wish to race there. Fortunately, the FIA is also making robust representations for motorsport to be exempted.