Exciting new development at Bicester Heritage site

The recently unveiled ‘Bicester Motion’ plan for the creation of the UK’s first automotive resort, has the ambition to become one of the country’s top 20 tourist and leisure destinations. The current well established “Heritage” site has the same warm motoring atmosphere to be found at Brooklands and Goodwood which will be combined with the ambitious new plans to create a 444acre automotive resort.

 It will comprise multiple areas including a 344-room hotel and conference development and an additional 770,000 ft of operational business and leisure accommodation. Some 40 or 50 historic buildings have been restored, and the construction of the additional new buildings, and the activities they will house, will enable visitors to experience and compare both the historic and future automotive technology in one place. The fact that Motorsport UK is already planning to move to the new site is very encouraging for Bicester Motion.

 The automotive world is changing, and Chief Executive Dan Geoghegan plans to offer a unique resort that will have multi-generational appeal.