Good news on fuel for classic car owners

Welcome good news for concerned classic car owners now that the Government has confirmed that it will continue to make fuel containing 5% bioethanol (E5) available for owners of historic vehicles.

Rachel Maclean, parliamentary under-secretary at the Department for Transport, had said that the widespread introduction of 10% bioethanol (E10) in January 2021 would significantly help the Government meet its climate change commitments. However, she has since acknowledged the issues that might arise concerning compatibility, not only for older cars.  Many much-loved classic cars will remain in use longer than other more modern cars that reach the end of their useful life, and she has confirmed that the department is committed to ensuring that E5 is retained if E10 is introduced. However, the Government has warned that this may only last for a period of 5 years from next year, but this could be reviewed subject to circumstances after this time.